Your Own Branded Insole

Premium orthotic insoles - Your Brand

Comfortable and effective OTC orthotic insoles in your brand means more revenue for your retail store

You provide a logo and chose a top cover color

We manufacture high-quality orthotic insoles for you and deliver it in a custom box ready for retail

Podomoda has developed orthotic insoles with a superior set of features for you to sell to your retail clients.

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Available with or without metatarsal pads

Some of the many benefits:

  • Customers come back to your store for additional pairs or replacements.
  • Shoppers cannot price match online with your unique product.
  • Having your own brand of insoles brings prestige to your operation.
  • Do not lose clientele to e-commerce competitors.
  • High margins.
  • Sell your brand online without restrictions.
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Your own custom box:

  • Unique packaging sets your products apart from competitors.
  • Showcase your brand logo, messaging, colors, and design, reinforcing brand recognition and loyalty.
  • Tailored packaging ensures that your custom insoles are ready for display and easily stacked.


  • 500 unit minimum order.
  • Custom boxes are available.
  • Choice of top cover color.
  • Sizes from Women’s 6 to Men’s 14.
  • Optional met pads.
  • Volume based pricing.
  • Storage available if you have limited space at your location.
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Available in many custom colors

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